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Basic Concepts Visual Chart Printable

Using visual supports are a great way to enhance children's learning. Visual remain present after words are spoken and children can refer to them even when their caregivers are not present! I made this visual list to help structure my son's learning and support his homeschooling. Keeping to only one of each basic concept a week(e.g. letters, numbers, shapes etc.) helps with retention of information and also prevents us (or more like me) from going off topic! 2 versions are included in this free printable. Version 1:  Bible verse, and four basic concepts including letters, numbers, colours and shapes. Version 2: Four basic concepts including letters, numbers, colours and shapes.  For the letters and numbers, I cut them out of leftover textured ang pow paper so...

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4 Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Calm Down

Teaching our children how to regulate their emotions and calm down when they are upset is an essential life skill. Anger, frustration, anxiety, fear and sadness are inevitable as they interact with others and encounter different situations. Therefore, it is important that they  learn how to process such emotions in a productive way. Here are 4 things you can do to help you child learn how to regulate their feelings and calm down.  1. TEACH CALM DOWN STRATEGIES (Self-regulation) Teach your child strategies they can use to manage their feelings in appropriate ways. Some strategies you can teach include taking a deep breath when angry, doing a quiet activity when upset, or asking others for a hug when they are afraid. This can be taught...

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DIY Cardboard Tree House

I am sure you would have seen many beautiful wooden doll houses and tree houses out there which are perfect for small world play. Well I have! But they are usually on the pricier side, which I do not have the budget for. If you have been following us on Instagram, you would have seen our cardboard doll house from a month back. This time, I set out to make a tree house for my small world play loving son!  Fully inspired by minimadthings.com, here are the materials you will need to make your own tree house! YOU WILL NEED: Glue gun Pen knife Cardboard Kitchen rolls Toilet rolls Kraft paper bag  Disposable chopsticks Yarn  Small round log slice (you could also use...

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